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Shopping Cart Stopper is a simple and innovative solution for shopping center parking lots. Our device enhances the customer end-to-end shopping experience by eliminating runaway shopping carts, reducing the potential of insurance claims, limits customer aggravation over scratched cars and overall just makes the whole process of unloading your shopping cart much easier.

Shopping center parking lots are busy places - cars arriving, departing, reversing. People are busy and just want to get their shopping done and move onto the next thing. Shopping Cart Stopper gives shoppers the ability to essentially ‘park’ their shopping cart safely without the risk of it running into their car or people. Customers can unload the cart at their own pace, without it moving or having to use one hand to hold it. This is especially important for Mothers with children who already have enough to worry about!

Allow your customers to end their shopping experience on a positive note whilst focussing on safety, ease and innovation.

Discover how we can resolve your customers’ parking lot angst in this video:

Image of the Yellow Cart Stopper

Shopping Cart Stopper Benefits

Unique Design

Our patented design can restrain nearly all common shopping cart wheels. Shopping Cart Stopper is made from tough HDPE to handle whatever nature and traffic can throw at it, and is also angled to avoid trip hazard. The three groove design also ensures that water will drain to prevent water pooling in the device.

Works on all standard parking lot angles

American shopping center parking lots generally have at least 1° degree of gradient to allow for water drainage. Even at 1° shopping carts can move and runaway. Shopping Cart Stopper has been tested to restrain a shopping cart with 220 pounds of weight to a 5.7° degree gradient.

Available in 3 Colors

Shopping Cart Stopper is available in 3 different colors to suit your branding and safety needs.

Yellow is the most versatile color for black bitumen and concrete applications, white is suitable for black bitumen applications while black is suitable for bright white concrete application.

Need a different color? Please Contact Us

Image of all Shopping Cart Stopper Colors - Yellow, White and Black
Image of a shopping trolley wheel in a Trolley Stopper showing how Trolley Stopper works

All Shopping Cart Wheels

Shopping Cart Stopper can restrain most standard shopping cart wheels. This includes supermarket carts, liquor store carts, hardware carts and more.

Shopping Cart Stopper has been tested and is able to hold cart wheels from 3 inch to 5 inch - most standard wheels fit here!

Got a different size castor or cart wheel you need to restrain, or any other questions? Please Contact Us

How to Buy Shopping Cart Stopper

We offer full install and support for most locations across the USA. Shopping Cart Stopper is also available in Self Install Kits. These kits have all required adhesive and specialty tools to install yourself.

Need more information? We would love to chat, so reach out to Jayme or John via our contact us section.

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