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How I heard about Shopping Cart Stopper

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When Jayme and Dustin returned from the Vegas tradeshow where they met the Trolley Stopper team, I was told they had found the best thing since sliced bread.

I sent and received countless emails from the Trolley Stopper team and scheduled several phone calls. Eventually we knew I needed to get out to the team and get this train moving. Spending time with the team enabled me to receive some hands-on training from the founders themselves.

They walked me through the pain of developing the business plan, finding a suitable epoxy, establishing the process of deploying the product, and following up with managers to help consumers utilize the product. The time and attention to detail the Trolley Stopper team brings to the table shows how much they care about improving the lives of any person who encounters their product.

I heard from consumers about how this device finally allowed them to safely unload their items and children from their shopping carts. With the Shopping Cart Stopper, consumers will never have to worry about the safety of their child again while unloading their belongings.