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Shopping Cart Stopper & the Retail Experience

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The overwhelming support of the Shopping Cart Stopper is fantastic news for consumers and retailers alike. Brick and mortar stores have an increasingly difficult landscape to work in, which will only increase in the future. In the last 5 years online sales from retail stores have nearly doubled, going from $298 billion in 2014, to $586 billion in 2019; and every estimate believes this number will double again by 2024 - see article here

We here at Shopping Cart Stopper believe brick and mortar retailers best opportunity to keep foot traffic high is by improving the shopping experience of customers. One of the best ways Shopping Cart Stopper believes retailers can achieve this is by implementing our product into parking lots. Our retail customers have seen a dramatic decrease in shopping lot incidents involving runaway carts and a significant increase in shopping carts being returned to the cart corrals.

It is a well-known fact that when consumers utilize cart corrals, parking lot incidents decrease dramatically. The lack of parking lot incidents allow management to spend more time operating the store and less time interacting with enraged customers. From top to bottom, the Shopping Cart Stopper gives retail employees more time to do their job and spend less time working with angry, now former, customers. It is a win for everyone!